Do you have...  a property full of household items with an impending closing date?  an estate to settle?           

Are you...  downsizing?   overwhelmed by clutter?

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As many of you know, over the past several months we've had lots of problems with the delivery of our weekly e-mails to several e-mail providers including Yahoo, SBC Global and AOL.  I'm told that this is due to increased anti-spam measures by these providers.  If you haven't been receiving our mailings the fix is to re-subscribe by clicking the "Subscribe to Sale by Holly LTD Newsletter" link on the bottom of this page.  After doing so you will automatically receive a confirmation letter that has a verification link.  Once you've done the verification you will once again receive our mailings.  Sending us an e-mail and asking us to renew your subscription is unfortunately not an option, you have to personally go through the verifications process.  We're very sorry for any inconvenience but at least we finally have a solution to the problem.