Hi! My name is Holly. My story begins at the tender age of 7 when my aunt took me to a farm auction. I was amazed at the people, the auctioneer's rapid words, all of the items neatly displayed on tables, the people furiously bidding on the treasures they wanted. My aunt bought me an antique german stick lamb for a nickel, which I proudly clasped in my hands for the remainder of the auction. Later in the day, the auctioneer wheeled something surprising out of the barn - a coffin, and the bidding began on the coffin and it's contents. I tugged on my aunt Joanne's coat sleeve and asked her, "Aunt Joanne, what's in that thing?" She quipped back, "I don't know kiddo, but you get it all for one price!" I knew at that moment I was hooked.





       As a young woman, I attended estate sales and tag sales, amassing my growing collection and knowledge of quirky treasures. In 1992 it finally occurred to me to make my fascination a career when my neighbor asked me to help her with a garage sale. After the success & excitement of the sale I knew that this was my calling. 


       In the past ten years, my business has taken off. Baby boomers are faced with the daunting task of helping their parents downsize, but also gripped by the desire to simplify their own lives. Being a baby boomer myself, I strive to be the caring resource to help all of those through the process of letting go. 


       Hello, I'm Holly's daughter Addie! Growing up immersed in the world of antiques, art and all things unique, I've had the honor of learning from the best. I've been helping my mom with sales since I could walk, and decided to make this my full time career 8 years ago. For me, every home is an adventure and has a story to tell, I love being able to uncover that story and help it live on. 

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       Hi, my name is Michael! I am so very pleased to work with such a fine company as Holly's and find great joy in helping people during their period of transition. It has also been my pleasure to work with so many great clients and customers. I bring twenty plus years in fine art and antiques experience nationally & internationally and will be getting my appraisers certification this year. You can't go wrong with Holly and her team, she is quite simply the best!

       Hello, I'm Mark! It is a great pleasure to be on Holly's team. Every sale is a new adventure! It is always exciting to meet new clients and assist our awesome customers. I especially love continually learning about antique and vintage items...you never know what each sale will hold! In my free time, I am a guitarist in several local bands and longtime collector of rock n' roll and music memorabilia. 

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